Recommender System (1) — Overview & Matrix Factorization technique

Recommendation System

  • items : products, movies, events, articles
  • users : service users, users, readers, customers

Collaborative Filtering vs Content-based Filtering

image source

Content-based Filtering (CBF)

Collaborative Filtering (CF)

Neighborhood Methods (NM)

Latent Factor Models (LF)

Matrix Factorization Techniques (MF)

  • like/dislike buttons
  • star ratings (ex)netflix
  • user viewed an item or item’s details
  • user added the items to the watchlist or cart
  • user purchased an item
  • user have read an article up to the end

The Basic Matrix Factorization Model

Adding Input Sources

Temporal Dynamics




Software Engineer KAIST CS & ID

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Youngjae Jang

Youngjae Jang

Software Engineer KAIST CS & ID

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